If you don't want to be moist and cold, wrap yourself into wool clothing and slip on our new M19 combat boots!

Varusteleka's Propaganda Newsletter 10/2019

It's getting moister than an oyster!

October brings the lovely sensation of being moist and cold - or as we like to call it, "moild". Nobody likes being moist nor cold, and especially not moild!

The best way to protect yourself from the terrible state of moild is wrapping yourself in wool! Wool is a great material in the autumn, as it keeps you warm even when moist, and it doesn't start to stink.

We've got a lot of new woolen stuff for you! Our Jämä team designed a lovely circle skirt, our Worker Trousers got a new color and you can pretend to be one of the Boondock Saints in our fancy wool coat! We also managed to find a bunch of Swedish military wool items! Unfortunately, these are quite limited size-wise. 

We also want to point out that all of our own brands' merino wool has been produced without mulesing - that means that the poor lambs haven't had their butt skin cut off. 

To keep your toes dry, let us present our new Särmä TST M19 Combat Boots! We're also going to have the manufacturer's expert at our store giving some advice on shoe care and fitting!

And like always, this month's Regular Pig offer is right at the bottom of the letter, so let's get scrolling!

  Get some wool!  

Be cool but not cold!

Have you always wanted to feel like Jason Statham? You're in luck!

Our new Särmä Wool Jacket keeps you both warm and devilishly stylish. Just put on the jacket and start walking in slow-mo!

  Stay warm and look cool  

Fear of the dark!

Is the song stuck in your head now? Good!

Speaking of darkness, the autumn can get pretty dark. Especially when moving on unlit roads or in the wilderness, it's good to have proper light sources. Luckily, we've got you covered!

  Get illuminated  

A modern wool suit: Särmä TST Woolshell

The Särmä TST Woolshell suit​​​​​​​ is something we're profoundly proud of. The modern wool suit is warm, keeps you safe from light rain and still maintains its breathability. 

And so we're not just tooting our own horn here, we'll present you with a video review made by Bloke on the Range! He tested the Woolshell jacket in action and gave his honest, uncensored opinion about it.

PS: The long-awaited grey version of Woolshell will hit the shelves again at some point, but unfortunetely our crystal balls haven't told us when, yet. Keep your eyes peeled!

  Check out the review  

M19 Combat Boots - get them now!

Based on the acclaimed Lowa Z-8N (pronounced "Zatan", probably) with modifications requested by us, let us introduce the Lowa Z-8N GTX Särmä TST M19 Combat Boot - a modern waterproof combat boot!

To blast appropriate fanfares from the start, we have also invited the manufacturer to visit us and offer you guys information about shoe care and shoe fitting. And that's not all: the first 200 to come to this event and purchase these new shoes will get a complimentary tube of Lowa Active Creme (value $6)!

The Lowa rep is at our store as follows:

  • Friday OCT 18th; 15-19
  • Saturday OCT 19th; 12-16

The location Hankasuontie 11A, Helsinki and you can find more information about the event here. Welcome!

  Get them boots!  

The Night of Drifters revisited

Years ago, we wanted to do some field testing in an urban environment and also toyed with the idea of homelessness. One of our inspirations was the movie Hobo With A Shotgun, starring Rutger Hauer. These things are still close to our hearts, so we wanted to share this old story about our Night as Drifters. 

Unfortunately most of the items we used aren't for sale anymore, but we're doing our best to make sure that all drifters can get something good and affordable to wear!

We know we make a lot of crude joks, but homelessness is really not a matter to laugh about. With this article, we also want to remind people to help those with no roof over their heads. Look into your local charities and shelters, and volunteer or donate your old clothes, if you want to help!

  Night of the Drifters  

Looking for Hiisi's Elk

For most people, the days after Christmas are spent munching down on leftover chocolate while lying on your couch. However, these people had different plans. 

Read our story about tracking the largest game animal in Finland in the middle of the winter in Lapland.

  The Story of Hiisi's Elk  

Regular Pig Offer: buy for $55, get Särmä belt!

This months Regular Pig offer is get a free Särmä Trouser Belt for all orders and purchases reaching a total value of 55 USD (that is 50 EUR / 70 CAD / 45 GBP / 530 SEK)!

The offer is valid until 13.10.2019. To activate the offer, you need to be logged into your Regular Pig account in our webstore, or mention your login email at the checkout of our store. Only one free belt per pig!

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