We had a great summer, and we're gonna have an even greater fall! Rambo: Last Blood is coming out, we have great coffee and warm jackets!

Varusteleka's Propaganda Newsletter 9/2019

Hey gang, did you have a good summer?

We sure did! There was a little bit of brutality, a teeny tiny festival and oh so much beer on the patio of Sotima. But now it's time to, as we say in Finland, go back in front of the lathe. And drink coffee. So much coffee. 

Speaking of coffee, we have great news - we launched our very own Lé Kahvi, a strong and dark roast with lots and lots of caffeine! Other product launches this fall are the Windproof Fishtail Parka and Wool Field Shirt to keep you warm and dry.

The premiere of Rambo: Last Blood is soon here, and we decided to have our very own screening! We also want to tell you about our 50K fan raffle, the mystery of Jorma's missing sacks and our Unethicality Program. Keep on reading to learn more.

And as you might already know, at the end of the newsletter is this month's Regular Pig offer, so get scrolling!


There's still time to get your free cartridge belt!

Because it's hunting season, we are offering a free Savotta black Rekyyli cartridge belt (value 41.99 USD) to all who buy a Savotta Torrakko rifle backpack!

The offer ends 30.8.2019 at 23:59 (UTC +3) so be quick! Only one backpack per person.

  Savotta Torrakko 145.99 USD  
Särmä Common Jeans, blue

Särmä Common Jeans: jeans that last a lifetime!

Our staff is usually fully clothed in Varusteleka, but there was one constant exception: they wear jeans, and we didn't have them.

We fixed this fault by making Good Ol' Proper Jeans. These fit even if you're not a slim-legged hipster who hangs his trousers halfway down, and there definitely is no stone washing or ready made holes!

And of course we have to market them with men covered in baby oil!

  Common Jeans 54.99 USD  

50K Facebook fan raffle!

Where are all these foreign fans coming from? We must have done something right to get such a great number of English speaking fans on our international Facebook page.

We have no clue what that might be, but we'll give away five (5) x 100€ gift cards anyway!

To participate all you need to do is fill in your information in the contact form before 1.9.2019! If for some strange reason you're not already following us on Facebook, DO IT NOW! Get to da choppaaaa!​​​​​​​

  Take part in the raffle  
Come watch Rambo: Last Blood with us!

We're super excited about the upcoming Rambo movie, so we fixed a special screening for us and also for you guys! We're going to raffle off some tickets to the screening, so now is your chance to watch a movie with the Varusteleka gang!

The screening will be in Helsinki, so it might be a bit tricky for people living further away to take part, sorry about that. 

More information will follow soon so keep a close eye on our channels!


Lé Kahvi - #dontgrindthepoopoo

We were a bit fed up with the normal coffee usually available in Finland, so we decided to make our own together with Warrior Coffee!

Dark, strong and has a nice punch, but somehow oh-so-comforting, like a strong hug. That's Lé Kahvi (Lé Coffee) in a nutshell. Made of 70 % Ugandan robusta and 30 % Guatemalan arabica beans, this black gold will skyrocket you up in the morning! And it's sooo good when enjoyed outdoors.

  Lé Kahvi 9.99 USD  
Where are Jorma's sacks?

Jorma is silent. Don't expect game from the forest if you're rustling and swishing about. The fabric is also resistant to water, dirt and oils.

Jorma has no sacks. We omitted all lower pockets to make wearing the hip belt of your backpack more comfortable. You can also choose to wear an equipment belt over the jacket. 

Jorma lets you speak. The chest pockets are designed for a hunting radio and are symmetric on both sides. Southpaws, you're welcome! The tops feature antenna passages, which are cleverly hidden when not in use.

  Discover your Jorma  

Operation Unethicality Program, Phase 1: Recon

Our vision includes plans to dominate the world. We also hope to have a world in the future, otherwise conquering it would be useless.

As the good siders, we have to somehow address what's going on here on Earth. Change starts with ourselves, so we took a big mirror and looked at our (sometimes hairy) navels.

  Read more about the program  
Ryan Hoover Self-Defence Seminar 14.9.

American self-defence instructor Ryan Hoover is coming to Finland in September to train self-defence for security personnel and civilians. We managed to get him to visit our store and give out a free one-hour lesson on basic self-defence! If you're in Finland, you don't want to miss this!

  Schedule and more info  

Lekafest pictures are here!

Now that we're finally recovered from the Lekafest 2019, we managed to pull the last pictures from the bottom of the beer glass and publish the whole set! 

Check out our Facebook gallery for some awesome pictures, get excited and join us next year - Lekafest will return in 2020!

  Check out the pictures  

Regular Pig offer: buy a Särmä Windproof jacket, get free fabric wax!

This month's Regular Pig offer is a free Särmä Fabric Wax (value 9.99 USD) for everyone who buys a Särmä Windproof Smock, Särmä Windproof Parka, Särmä Fishtail Parka or Särmä Windproof Anorak! 

Fabric wax is really handy because you can wax those parts where your jacket needs to be waterproof, and leave other areas unwaxed to maximize breathability. Clever, isn't it?

To activate the offer, you need to be logged into your Regular Pig account, or mention your email at the checkout of our brick and mortar store. The offer is valid until 13.8.2019. Only one wax per pig!

  Get some jackets  
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